We are in the heart of Germany in the city of Regensburg in the industrial state of Bavaria.

We are a company that focuses on the development of control systems with artificial intelligence and mathematical models of processes. We offer our clients cutting-edge technologies around the world. With our services and products, your businesses and processes can adapt to new challenges.

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Some things we’re great at

We focus on strengthening your automatic processes, from the development of classic and modern projects to specific engineering and consulting services. Find out what we can do for you!

Artificial Intelligence

Your processes can now rely on artificial intelligence and anticipate phenomena that have never been reviewed before. Our tools include mathematical models, neural networks, differential equations, linear optimal control systems, etc.


Our digitizing tool can capture your process data and convert it to a transfer function based on mathematical algorithms. This step converts your processes into equations to be optimally controlled.

Industry 4.0/5.0

We bring your business to Industry 4.0 and further anticipate the future by preparing your systems for the new Industry 5.0. We integrate state-of-the-art elements into your processes so that your business has a new beginning.

Effective Production Lines

We combine the use of purely mathematical algorithms with modern pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical systems, as well as state-of-the-art industrial robotics.


We offer project development (engineering, procurement and construction) for the areas of artificial intelligence, classical control, digitization, industry 4.0 / 5.0, etc. We offer you a “turnkey” service, you don’t have to worry about a thing.


If you just want a programming service for your current control systems, we have experience with the most important programmable logic systems on the market. Our programs are developed using current standards, as well as quality auditing and simulation procedures.


We have 20 years of experience in start-up, regardless of whether the project has not been developed by us, we offer you the opportunity to make a successful start. Of course, we must carefully analyze the project.


We update your systems to new technologies, we migrate your hardware and software to new trends in process control. We use international standards that allow us to optimize your processes and guarantee the integrity of your systems.

Technical Advice

If you have problems with your system and you do not know what to do, we offer you advice, a detailed description of the problem and the best solutions. Do not hesitate to call us, this service is free.

Artificial intelligence

Your processes will receive their own intelligence by using mathematical algorithms together with neural and linear control systems.

classic control systems

We design classic control systems with state-of-the-art German technologies. Our designs are focused on optimizing resources and reducing production costs.

industry 5.0

Find out how previously unobserved operational data can now change your company’s vision


We develop complete production lines for you using classic control systems and artificial intelligence.


We migrate your obsolete control systems to new technologies. We guarantee an effective update with significant improvements so that you use 100% of your investment.

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The last completed projects

Our projects speak for us

The project consisted of the development of the program at Honeywell © PKS Experion, in particular the process control algorithms for the microfiltration system, chromatography, ultrafiltration, bottling, CIP, Pufferansatz, etc. FAT & SAT, Commissioning and documentation.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Vienna, Austria

The project consisted in the development of the program in Siemens TIA Portal © to control a winding mechanism. It was developed based on FESTO © Pneumatic Modules, Stepper Motors and HMI. FAT & SAT tests, commissioning, etc.

Special Machines


The project consisted of the development of an analog multiplexer for gas turbine sensors. It was developed with Siemens TIA Portal © and S7 © and covered engineering, procurement and construction. FAT & SAT, commissioning, etc.

Development & Research


The project consisted of developing the technical specifications for the construction of a new SCADA system for the bodywork area. Cost estimation, metric calculations, vendor comparison matrix, and other documents were also developed for construction.

Automovile Industry


The project consisted of the programming, configuration and commissioning of 13 engine test rooms, a central switch cabinet, tank system, test gas system, fire alarm system, gas alarm system and other subsystems. . They ware all based on Simatic © S7-1500 and TIA Portal © V16.

Automovile Industry

Vienna, Austria

This project consisted of the development of engineering, procurement, construction, management, project planning, commissioning and SAT & FAT tests of the control system of a 500,000 liters / day water treatment plant. The entire system was built on Simatic © S7 and TIA © Portal V14.

Oil & Gas Industry

Bachaquero, Venezuela

This project consisted of engineering, procurement and construction for the renovation of the oil pumping station with gas turbines that pump 1,500,000 barrels / day. It was built on the basis of Simatic © S7-400 and STEP7 ©. Old software had to be migrated, SAT & FAT testing and startup performed.

Oil & Gas Industry

Dabajuro, Venezuela

This project consisted of the engineering, procurement and construction of the control system for the 800,000 barrels / day oil pumping station. The project is designed to reduce maintenance due to the obsolescence of Allen Bradley © PLC5 systems. It included commissioning and was based on Simatic © S7.

Oil & Gas Industry

ULE Tia Juana, Venezuela

The Fast Track project consisted of automating a lubricating oil production line. The project included filling, palletizing, packaging, storage and transportation technology. Recipe management was used and everything was built on the basis of Simatic © S7-1500 and SCADA WinCC ©.

Petrochemical Industry

El Tablazo, Venezuela

The project contemplated the automation of a new steam boiler based on NFPA standards. The steam boiler was built to reduce the viscosity of the oil and make pumping easier. It was built on the basis of Simatic © S7 and included commissioning.

Oil & Gas Industry

Bajo Grande, Venezuela

The project consisted in the integration of all the signals of an oil tank farm in a new DCS Honeywell © TDC 3000 system. All the displays were developed using HMI Web Dispay Builder ©. The tanks involved were 15 of 100,000 barrels each. Acquisitions and construction were completed.

Oil & Gas Industry

Lagunillas, Venezuela

The project included the installation of 3 electricity generators with gas turbines. The project was developed based on General Electric © GE-PACK and SCADA Wonderware ©. Engineering and construction were carried out. Commissioning and testing were also carried out.

Oil & Gas Industry

Ciudad Ojeda, Venezuela

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