Effective Production Lines

We will design the automatic production line according to your needs. We integrate the latest technology in measurement, robotics, drive, servomechanisms, conveyor belts, racks, linear and rotary movements, etc. We use hybrid control tools (classic control and optimal control)

Structure and Frame

We build the structure and frame of the production line from 6061/6063 aluminum. We have ready-made designs to meet your needs. In a few hours we design the structure that best suits your needs.

Mechanisms & Robotics

We design all linear, rotary, pneumatic, conveyor, etc. drives. Based on FESTO devices. We invite you to see in our products the list of FESTO devices with which we work. We offer you the best quality and the best price. We work with the KUKA Robots line, we invite you to see the KUKA Robots in our product list. We specify both the Robot and the tool that suits your needs.


We work exclusively with Siemens Simatic S7, we offer you the best technology in the world made in Germany for your production line. In addition, we integrate our artificial intelligence algorithms into the control logic to optimize your resources to the maximum and guarantee the expected quality of your products. Read more about artificial intelligence.

Conveyor and robot technology

We take production lines to a new level. Find out what Simens Sinamic and KUKA can do for you.

Conveyor Technology

With frequency converter technology from Siemens SINAMICS, you have full control over the conveyor drives. We can operate both synchronous and induction motors with variable speeds.


State-of-the-art motion and position sensors are required for the good performance of the production line. FESTO makes this work easier for us with the latest generation of sensors.


With the latest generation of KUKA robots, we can perform transition operations between production lines. Robots allow for precise handling of the product and a final finish.


We develop complete production lines for you using classic control systems and artificial intelligence

Our neuronal input and optimal control will elevate your process performance to a new level.

Our algorithms avoid wasting resources and therefore reduce production costs. Artificial intelligence will prevent recurring failures and optimize the use of energy resources and consumables.

Find out how Artificial Intelligence can optimize your processes