We also offer you some specific technical services.


We carry out programming services in the Siemens TIA Portal and WinCC (all versions) for Simatic S7. We program in our offices, we have the necessary licenses and tools. Programming in IEC-61131, Graph, SCL etc. We keep constant meetings with you in your office and online.


We carry out the implementation of the programs we develop, we also address the programs made by you after an evaluation. We have the tools, devices, software and other accessories necessary for the development of the start-up.

Technical Advice

We offer you free technical advice, with this advice we hope to guide you through the automation process and provide you with the support you need. In this consultation we evaluate your technological situation and make you an offer according to your needs.


We migrate your obsolete control systems to new technologies. We guarantee an effective update with important improvements with which you can use 100% of your investment.

Systems Upgrade

We evaluate your existing system and migrate your entire infrastructure to new classic and modern control technologies.

Equipment Update

We work on the basis of Siemens Simatic S7. We specify the new control architecture based on your current process, growth plans, communication protocol, etc.

Software Migration

We need the current program in your systems as input, with your current program we develop the new program that runs on the new devices. We also optimize the software.

Image Migration

We migrate the images to the new Siemens HMI, we do it in the current version of WinCC. We optimize the new images. One of the most important reasons for migration is IHM and SCADA.

Cabinet update

We adapt the existing control cabinet to the new devices. Everything that is not necessary is dismantled, we make the adjustments based on your protocols. We install also a new Rittal cabinet.

Drawings as built

We develop new drawings for both dismantling and construction. We work with AutoCAD, the plans are delivered on paper and digitally. These drawings will be approved by you.


We use the new tools of the new equipment acquired to meet your new needs. New devices offer new possibilities to discover and we will help you to use them.

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