Project Development

We develop the different phases of the project, from early phases such as visualization and conceptualization to engineering design, procurement, construction, commissioning and final delivery. We are carrying out the project at our headquarters in Regensburg, Germany. We are members of PMI (Project Management Institute) and we cover all phases of the project in accordance with these international standards.


We develop the visualization of the project and the conceptual, basic and detailed engineering. We design the entire project from the technical specifications to the plans. We apply all national and international standards.


We manage all procurement in Germany, we work with the most important brands on the market such as Siemens, KuKa, Festo, E + H and Rittal. We have the support of the manufacturers throughout the planning and construction process.


We build all devices in our head office, then ship them to your factory, perform installation and commissioning directly with you. We take the FAT and SAT tests.

Artificial Intelligence Projects

Our control algorithm has the following capabilities. This algorithm is implemented in our mathematical controller.

Intact Infrastructure

Normally, artificial intelligence projects are carried out based on existing processes. This is how we maintain your current infrastructure.

Effective Integration

We integrate our mathematical controller into your network of control devices without affecting the operation of your processes and with minimal software changes.

Step-by-step Implementation

First, our math controller collects data and learns from its process. Then a simulation phase begins and can then be tested in a safe environment and compared to your factory’s current control. Then, once approved, Artificial Intelligence takes control of your process.

Minimum Investment

Artificial intelligence resides in our mathematical controller. The project is developed based solely on our device.

Mathematical Controller

Our math controller is the hardware that makes AI possible, this is a state-of-the-art industrial computer with high processing power and small size.

Control Sequence Design

Our mathematical controller has the necessary design software, neural and mathematical algorithms. With these tools, our specialists develop artificial intelligence that adapts to your requirements. The software comes with user manuals that can be changed for you whenever you want.

classic control

We design classic control systems with the latest German technologies. Our designs focus on optimizing resources and reducing production costs

Classic control projects

We develop classic control projects based on SIEMENS Simatic S7 and TIA Portal (all versions). We also work exclusively with FESTO, E + H, KUKA and RITTAL.

Technical Specifications

We develop the specifications of all devices, auxiliary components and accessories.

Control Architecture

We design the entire network topology and control architecture.

Control Cabinet

We build the control cabinet according to the approved design.


We program and configure all PLCs, HMIs and auxiliary devices. We also configure the communications network.


We install the wardrobe in your company and carry out the commissioning.

Final delivery and training

We make the final delivery of all documents and drawings ‘As Built’ and train your employees.


Find out how previously unobserved operational data can now change your company’s vision

Industry 5.0

Industry 5.0 is very extensive, so we only focus on artificial intelligence, robotics, and augmented reality.


We only work with KUKA, they are the best robotics manufacturers and their approach to the future is great.

Augmented reality

We develop applications in augmented reality and from now on you will be able to operate your processes remotely as if you were there.

Artificial intelligence

We give your process artificial intelligence through neural networks and optimal control systems. We apply Deep Learning and Machine Learning models.

Industrial Robotics

Technical Specifications

We specify the KUKA robot that best suits your needs. We have the support of KUKA to offer you the best service.

Effective Integration

We integrate KUKA robots into Siemens PLC according to your needs.


We simulate the robotic cell with the support of the KUKA.SIM software.

Augmented Reality


We visualize your needs and suggest a solution.

App Augmented reality

We developed the augmented reality application with Unreal © Engine 4.

Effective Integration

We integrate the augmented reality application into your control systems.

Find out how we can optimize your process